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Barber/Staver: Dan Savage poisoning kids against “believers in normal sexuality”

From the introduction saying Dan Savage talks dirty to children, through the claim that heteronormalcy is under attack and that gay people are effectively bullying people who “believe in normal sexuality” by trying to create legislation to get them to stop bullying gay people, this video pretty much shows exactly how little of the moral landscape these people understand.

We are near the tipping point, and people like Matt Barber and Mat Staver are the ones who will be seen, through history’s eye, as terrible bigots fighting for religiously-inspired bigotry. I have little doubt that, in the future, those passages that regard homosexuality as abomination will be thrown out exactly like those that condone slavery. These people fighting against gay marriage will be seen exactly like the anti-miscegenation activists, as anachronistic and small-minded, and poor readers of their own bible.

Hat tip Right Wing Watch.

Urgh. These asshats give me indigestion.


  1. Chiroptera says

    You know, when they start off describing Dan Savage as a “self-identified homosexual,” you kinda know what’s coming next.

  2. Aliasalpha says

    You know whats weird about these people and their increasingly desperate tactics (okay thats a LONG list), they kind of remind me of the D&D rules lawyer stereotype.

    They try to manipulate the situation they’re in in every way possible even to the extent of pulling out obscure references from outdated tertiary game supplements to justify giving themselves an advantage. At the end of the day, they go to extraordinary lengths and hold up the game desperately trying to get out of the fact that they’ve rolled a 1 on their save, their character didn’t dodge the beholder’s disintegration beam & they’re is now a pile of dust.

    Get the fuck over it…

  3. M Groesbeck says

    We may be “near the tipping point” demographically, but when the only parties in power are far-right and center-right that’s not the same thing as being near the tipping point politically.

    Both major U.S. parties are far to the right of the population on war, torture, health care, workers’ rights, and any number of other issues; why should we think they won’t follow suit on this? Obama has staked out his “states’ rights, but I’m disappointed when the states make the totally legitimate decision to declare people second-class citizens” position, the Republicans are still in “burn the fags!” mode; public opinion may trend beyond both, but the political calculus will still favor this “far-right vs. center-right” formulation as long as the Right controls the media.

  4. BKsea says

    “These people fighting against gay marriage will be seen exactly like the anti-miscegenation activists, as anachronistic and small-minded, and poor readers of their own bible”

    Don’t forget that these people will also be seen as a few outliers that should not be used against the overwhelming majority of Christians who were really responsible for the triumph of equal rights. ‘Cause ya know, the real Christians have always been the force behind change – just ask ‘em.


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