LBP2 Machinima: Sexy And I Know It

Little Big Planet 2 is incredibly versatile for making machinima — you can record Sackbots’ actions and put them in all sorts of crazy costumes.

Or, as it turns out, almost no costume at all. Witness this remake of the LMFAO video.

I think it’s hilarious that the Ron Jeremy sackbot looks like one of the apes from Ape Escape.

I ought to dust that title off and make some videos out of what I create.


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    Interesting. We’re using the Smart Youtube plugin for easier embedding, which appears to work okay for the iPhone. Know anything about how the iPad does video that’s different?

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    I’ve got LBP2 now, and have played through the first level. Haven’t yet delved into the recording aspect (other than a cursory glance) but it looks pretty amazing.

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