SHOCKING REVELATION: Christopher Monckton is Sacha Baren Cohen?!

Got a bunch on my plate today. So, a post with a silly video for right now. Talk amongst yourselves!

Via D-Dave in the comments of my last post about Monckton’s debate-dodging, comes definitive proof that Monckton is actually a character by Sacha Baren Cohen. That certainly explains why he can’t join the debate — he’s too busy being The Dictator right now.


  1. mal099 says

    That… was… awesome!

    Also, I’ve only known Monckton from potholer54’s videos, and I have to say he somewhat misrepresented him. The real guy is SO much more ridiculous. How can a man who makes comparisons to the Hitler youth and wants to send anyone with AIDS to an island be taken seriously? I mean, maybe these things were taken out of context, but can any context make these things okay?

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