Vic Toews: Gun registries are invasion of privacy. Internet snooping is great though!

During the Conservative fight to fool everyone into believing the long gun registry is a bad idea, one of the most frequent and most proximate reasons the CPC and their spambot flaks gave for dismantling and bonfiring the database was that it served as an invasion of privacy that allowed the government too much insight into its citizens’ lives by telling them who had guns and where. One of the folks touting this line was Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, who primarily expressed concern that an NDP or Liberal government would get their hands on that info.

He said then, “In order to protect the privacy of law-abiding, long gun owners, those whom that member and his party subjected to gross violations of their privacy, records held by the Canadian firearms program on currently registered long guns will be destroyed.”

Fast forward a few months, and Vic Toews has introduced the Tories’ newest salvo on freedom in bill C30, the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.

What does this bill propose? Well, you see, it allows the government warrantless wiretapping on all internet communications — ISPs have to turn over names, addresses, all communications, anything the government wants. You know, like they can do now, by getting a warrant. This does away with all that pesky check-and-balance nonsense and lets the government get on with the business of spying on everything the people of Canada does. So too does the even easier methods for getting the information in the new laws requiring ISPs to allow real-time data monitoring via a backdoor for law enforcement. Again, no warrants.

The bill says absolutely nothing about child predators, except in the title, evidently. But Vic Toews had already taken a few swings against anyone who would dare protest against this REAL invasion of privacy. Of course, he obviously had something of a pang of regret for using these execrable tactics, and he’s trying desperately to backpedal, but this video doesn’t lie (thanks sinned34!):

One more time through this. Registering weaponry is a violation of privacy, but letting the government have sweeping powers to get whatever information they want whenever they want from ISPs without first justifying it with a court order is all in the interest of protecting the children.


Twitter responded with a hashtag, #tellviceverything, where they helpfully tweeted the obvious computer luddite Vic Twenty Toews (@toewsVic) with every mundane detail of their lives. I plan on very helpfully sending him a link to this post as well, though I’m sure he’s probably going to be well capable of finding dissenters on his own with his broad new powers!


  1. den1s says

    I’m not going to email that creep. He’d have you on the sexual offenders and no fly lists, like that **snaps fingers**

    This is all part of the worst case scenario we all knew would come about if we gave Harper a majority. The more insane branch of the Conservative Party ie the ‘Reformers’ is firmly at the helm of Parliament these days, and the ride has only just started. Hang on tight.

  2. sambarge says

    Rick Mercer covered this in a rant this week. Sometimes I wonder if other Canadians actually support these Conservative policies. I mean, I can’t imagine how Harper gets away with it unless people are that apathetic or generally agree.

  3. says

    The optimist in me sees this kind of crap as conservative’s last ditch effort to fuck shit up before they are thrown from office. The only actively functioning part of the gov. here in the U.S. has been the legislative branch. If something good has come about, they did it. They screw up too. like with the initial ruling of prop 8, but that got shot down in flames. If I were president, knowing my first two years would be useless against a republican heavy congress, I would put all my effort into working on DOJ initiatives.

  4. F says

    I forgot that this was the same douchebong who was one of the long gun registry loons.

    Canadian Politician: You’re Either In Favor Of Letting The Gov’t Spy On Your Internet Usage… Or You’re For Child Pornography

    Vic Toews Apparently Not A Fan Of Others Seeing His Personal Data

    As an aside, did you notice this, Canada?
    Canadian Universities Agree To Ridiculous Copyright Agreement That Says Emailing Hyperlinks Is Equal To Photocopying More perfectly ridiculous attacks on education (and reality) by copyright holders.

  5. Aliasalpha says

    Hey I’ve just had a thought, maybe he’s in support of this wholesale, warrantless, privacy ravaging datamining because soon he’ll have no other way of finding out who has long guns

  6. says

    (thanks sinned34!)

    Anytime, Jason. Jenova forbid I actually blog about this shit myself, but I figured I should pass it along to someone who comments with much greater eloquence and thoughtfulness than I.

    The optimist in me sees this kind of crap as conservative’s last ditch effort to fuck shit up before they are thrown from office.

    Sadly, Ashleybell, we’re not even a year into the CPC’s 4 year Majority Reign. The dick swinging is only going to get worse as Harper’s minions become emboldened in the next three years.


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