Betty Bowers on Traditional Christian Marriage

Yup, pretty much spot on. Considering the full-throated Republican and evangelical assault on gay marriage claiming that “traditional marriage” is between one man and one woman, Betty Bowers, “America’s Best Christian”, goes back to the source materials to show that the common conception of traditional marriage is one that is very much at odds with the one written in everyone’s favorite source for morality.


  1. says

    How dare you sir! Have you no decency! Cross-Posting a video that takes the words of the bible and uses them as a rebuttal to those who take the words of the bible to make some bullshit point about same sex marriage. It’s madness I say, madness.

  2. Forbidden Snowflake says

    It’s great, but the “America’s 5 favorite ways to ignore Jesus” has so much quotables (e.g., “never trust a god that doesn’t lead by example”) that nothing can compete.

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