NASA engineer humours the 2012 doomsayer crowd

No Nibiru/Planet X, no planetary alignments, no predicted magnetic pole reversals (and even if they happened they wouldn’t harm us), no solar flares, and the Mayans only predicted a calendar roll-over, so big whoop.

“Folks have to be very careful when they get information on the web.” Yeah, if you have not a scrap of scientific knowledge to lean on, and have no functional bullshit detector, what you find on the web is going to be… well, hearsay at best.

So on December 21, party like it’s the day before the 14th B’ak’tun and the start of Long Count 2..


  1. F says

    True geomagnetic drift or reversals aren’t sudden, but they would likely be problematic as the field strength weakens for a long period. If you’re the sort of person who worries about UV due to ozone depletion, geomagnetic reversal wouldn’t be a joke to you.

    Sudden would probably be better. But the pole-shift nuts don’t even know what they are on about, and make no sense. The odd thing is that they like to yammer about it, but most don’t live as though the world were about to end or suffer catastrophe. Like a lot of Belief Systems, it’s all on the surface.

  2. Zinc Avenger says

    Is it a coincidence that we had just finished settling on the option of the twisted abomination of science gone wrong to destroy the world in 2012?

    I’ll be in my lab. Someone send me some more gamma sources and the DNA of Newt Gingrich.

  3. starskeptic says

    I read an article in an archaeology journal or magazine(I’m trying to track it down) last year that claimed that the 2012 end date was the result of a mistranslation – and that we still have another 50-100 yrs to go…

  4. Randomfactor says

    Let’s see, it was the Red Lectroids who were the bad guys, right?

    And why IS there a watermelon there?

  5. Marshall says

    I’ll be in my lab. Someone send me some more gamma sources and the DNA of Newt Gingrich.

    What if I just bring you Newt Gingrich? He isn’t an abomination of SCIENCE, per se, but you could science him up a bit.

    Give him an antenna or something…


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