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America’s 2012 election: vote for Canada

Meet the Canada Party. They offer an alternative to the ridiculous offerings the Republican Party has on display, and the “guy who gave a drunk Congress the keys to the country”.

Seriously, it’s the best choice for all of us, even if our present Prime Minister is a Muppet version of George W. Bush. I mean, just look at your other options.


  1. Dianne says

    Hey, if Canada wants to politely and non-violently by strictly legal means take over the US, I’m for it. But be prepared for some of your new provinces to be difficult.

  2. shouldbeworking says

    As difficult as Quebec? as stubborn as Alberta under Ralph (the Rick Perry of the Prairies) Klein? Mind you, our new premiers (ex governors) better get used to some serious firepower, those cream pies can stain those non-elitist silk shirts and ties.

  3. headfullabooks says

    I’m from the states and I approve this message.

    (Full disclosure: I lived in the greater Toronto area during my adolescence. Some of my best friends live up there and my parents live in Oshawa and have applied for citizenship…so maybe I have a slight bias. Also, I currently live in Massachusetts which is one of the more Canada-like states.)

  4. dianne says

    As difficult as Quebec? as stubborn as Alberta under Ralph (the Rick Perry of the Prairies) Klein?

    Hard for me to say, having never lived in either Quebec or Alberta. I visited Montreal once. It seemed nice and less edgy and gun filled than the average US city. OTOH, Quebec and Louisiana might get a francophile movement going together and who knows where that might end up…

  5. leftwingfox says

    Moving to Maine from Canada was a pleasantly easy transition. I think they’ve already been subverted; they even had a Timmy’s.

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