Fan-made Thundercats movie trailer kicks all sorts of ass

You have to admit, whether you’ve seen the original Thundercats or not, this fan-made CG movie trailer has everything it would take to be a box-office success. It would certainly get me to watch. I mean, never mind the fact that I watched Thundercats regularly as a kid, and this probably breaks a dozen bits of canon — the CG is surprisingly excellent, fan-made or no, and the concept is pretty much exactly what Thundercats would need to become to make it in this particular all-action superhero movie environment.

(All of my above text can be boiled down to: “No Snarf! Perfect!”)


  1. julian says

    Lion-O with a Seth Green style voice would make me stab bunnies.


    ThunderCats are on the move. ThunderCats are loose!

  2. Mitch says

    This is the best fan made trailer I’ve ever seen. Some people think it is real which is really cool. It’s for A Good Day To Die Hard.

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