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  1. says

    I vote for the Andy Sidaris classic from the late 80s, “Hard Ticket To Hawaii.”

    Any movie with a scene where a blowup sex doll filled with helium gets exploded by a shoulder-mounted rocket has got to be worth watching, at least once. In case that isn’t enough to convince you: the movie also includes a snake made deadly by nuclear waste!

  2. Joven says

    This movie has received treatment by Rifftrax (the guys who did MST3K) –

    And also an iriff (basically a rifftrax by people inspired by rifftrax) – (was done before the main rifftrax crew did the movie)

    I havent seen the main rifftrax one, but the iriff was really good I thought, and the movie atrociously stupid (although a great advertisement for the ‘zambiacubarussiafghanistan’ tourist board.)

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