Hitler’s reaction to Casual Pepper-spraying Cop Meme

Going to a lodge somewhere deep in some woods and possibly belonging to a mad scientist of some sort for the weekend. I’m only blogging ahead for this weekend, so if there’s some sort of evil dimensional tearing or something (possibly as a result of our misadventures at this lodge), which eventually consumes the world in darkness, well, there’s only stuff scheduled to hit the blog til Monday morning. Sorry! You’ll just have to deal with the demon apocalypse without me. A pro tip: get a chainsaw.

Via Michael Fisher, Hitler has a few words to say about this meme:


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I rather like The Downfall (Der Untergang parodies. This one was good since it parodied itself.

    Incidentally, I recommend seeing Der Untergang. It’s an excellent movie.

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