Thank you note from the Stanley Cup Challenge

A thank you note hit my inbox from the Donors Choose challenge that I’d highlighted, asking for donations to give kids in Seattle some hockey equipment. Mr. Mauch writes:

Thank you all so much! I know my students will be stoked. We played in the past with a foam hockey set that was shared among 10 other schools. Broken or dilapitated sticks over the past couple years have made it difficult to play and now we don’t play anymore.
Students loved playing it in the past and your generosity in funding this project will bring renewed excitement and ownership of the equipment we will be able to use any time we choose.
Thank you again for your support.

With gratitude,
Mr. M

Thought you folks would like to know, given that my reader, John, gave the last $116 they needed to put this one over the top. Cheers!

The Whitewashing of Akira

I can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to this, though as a geek I’m duty-bound to watch. Apparently Akira is being given the live-action Hollywood treatment. Say it ain’t so!

I’m not much of a “canon purist”, especially not in cases where I’ve never read the original source — the original anime movie Akira was based on a 2100-page manga epic and therefore had to depart from the source a good number of ways to make it fit into a reasonable movie-length premiere. My chief concern even outside of the faithfulness to the originating material is that the impending explosion in Neo-Tokyo, like in this Youtube parody, is going to be transformed into the standard Hollywood and Americentric concerns. With white American actors. Actors like Garrett Hedlund, who’s in the running for the part of Kaneda.
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Alcohol abuse

The humanity! 7000 bottles of wine, destroyed by what could only be described as “the act of a vengeful god indeed”. Now what the hell are the residents of Sheboygan going to do?

Thanks to a WordPress mess-up, you might have seen this briefly on Thursday in the wee hours of the morning when I scheduled this for what I know will probably be a busy Saturday. :/

Linux is dead? Long live Linux!

Mike Gualtieri of Forrester pontificates on the swan song of the venerable open source computer kernel Linux, declaring its hopes for world domination to be “game over”.

Poor Linux. It struggled so hard to dominate the world. It was the little open source engine that could, but it didn’t. It never even came close to Microsoft Windows on the desktop, with less than 2% share of desktops. The bright spot for Linux is that 60%+ of servers on the Internet run Linux.

But the real end to Linux’s hope for world dominance came when mobile platforms iOS and Android cleaned clocks in the mobile market. Sure, Android is built on top of Linux, but Linux is only one of many piece parts of the Android mobile operating system. It is not Linux.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of what Linux is, of course, because if anything is Linux, it’s Android.
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Pat Robertson thinks Hallowe’en is Satan’s night

Pat Robertson evidently doesn’t believe in ghosts or the dead rising.

Seriously. He said that.

“You’re feeling badly? You should.” What an insufferable ass. Heavens forefend a church get involved with a secular celebration of any sort. They might be encouraging gluttony and idolatry!

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.

Mock the Movie: Attack From Space – transcript

Below the fold, the transcript from Mock The Movie: Attack From Space. I had to do a bit of post-production work to interleave the two separate logs, as brx0 joined late and had a few real-life interruptions. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this one — there’s just something special about early Japanese action films. And by special, I mean especially terrible.

We do these movies about every two weeks, usually on Thursday nights, at 9pm EST. For best effect, start the movie and read the jokes while watching. Sadly, because of the interleaving, following via the GMT timestamps isn’t really possible. Well, it sort of is, if you watch my or Stephanie’s timestamps, assuming 1 AM GMT is the start of the movie.

At the moment, selection of movies is done just about at random, and I’m the only limiting factor, being that in Canada I don’t have access to Hulu so a lot of movies that are otherwise mockworthy aren’t accessible to me. Of course, with some prior warning, I’m sure I could find a way to obtain something particularly stinky, but we’ve been a bit slack in picking movies ahead of time. Next Mock The Movie will fall during my vacation to Minnesota over the American Thanksgiving period, so we’ll have a wider selection. Any recommendations, folks?
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Is there a rape proclivity bubble on a multi-axis quadrant? (A repost.)

In 2009, during the Silence is the Enemy campaign raising awareness about rape and the rape culture that leads to drastic underreporting by victims of all genders, Greg Laden made a particularly bold claim in a post wherein he postulated a “rape switch” where people exposed for long durations to rape cultures like that of wartorn Congo might have a switch flipped making them suddenly capable of rape. I thought it was a little more complicated than that, something more like probability bubbles on a multidimensional matrix, making one more or less likely capable of rape. I wrote out my modification of his hypothesis in my post Is There a Rape Proclivity Bubble on a Multi-axis Quadrant? I had intended the post to be floated for the purposes of collecting dissenting opinions and refining the argument thereafter, but save for our good friend DuWayne Brayton, I didn’t have any serious takers.

Well, save for one. A guy by the name of Rystefn, a self-proclaimed “performance artist” (read: long-con troll) who’d once faked his own death on Skepchick’s comment areas. His objections could be summarized as being the same tired MRA arguments you’ve heard a dozen times now regarding how evil and horrible and delusional it is for a person to attempt to protect themselves by considering every stranger a sort of “Schrodinger’s Rapist” — though more specifically, how terribly misandrist it was when women braced themselves thus against strange men. The fight raged on and on in multiple places: at Almost Diamonds and Greg’s blog primarily, but near the end of that particular blog debacle, on my own blog. He privately attempted to claim another instance of performance art, that he was simply trolling for the purposes of raising awareness and building up hits on our various blogs, thus increasing the amount of money we could contribute to the Silence campaign. My blog and Almost Diamonds did not make any ad revenue at the time, however. The fact that we had no ads leads me to believe his trolling was a form of metatrolling, where his “admission” to me in private was merely an attempt to bait me into some sort of trap, which backfired spectacularly when I outed him publicly for his mendacity almost immediately.

Anyway, after making some changes to reflect some ways I’d had my mind changed on a number of border subjects, I reposted the argument here to see if anyone would seriously like to poke holes in the post, but nobody made any such attempt. In honor of Stephanie’s recent work on the topic of rape, and Greg’s laudable attempt to resurrect the Silence campaign, I’m reposting this again here at FtB, where it’ll hopefully get a larger audience and better discussion. Some of my understanding of psychology has since improved, and my thoughts on the subject of rape and privilege have been significantly fleshed out in the interim. So, take your best shot, please and thanks!

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Security theatre exposed.

You know all that screening, profiling and backscatter nudie x-rays you have to go through to get from point A to point B via plane, all “for your safety”? It’s a sham. It’s security theatre. It’s not to make you safer, it’s to make you think you’re safer. Know how I know?

A loaded and undeclared .38-caliber handgun tumbled from a checked bag at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday, prompting police to detain the gun owner temporarily.

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