97 of 100 doctors agree: planet is sick

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse actually gets it.

Of the 3% of doubting experts, they are unsure whether the planet’s CO2 emissions are causing the warming, but they are NOT unsure that global warming is happening. When are we going to do something about this?

I kinda value long term survival over short term profits, personally. I dunno. I’ve got this silly notion that humans are worth saving. If only we could convince enough of us to agree.


  1. Michael Fisher says

    Nice video.

    The lobbying of politicians by special interest groups is the problem ~ it’s corporations that get to dictate policy everywhere in the world today. By the time a politician achieves any measure of political influence her soul is already bought & paid for.

    Publicly funded elections would be a small step in the right direction & the destruction of all the ‘back channels’ in politics that makes it very profitable indeed to ‘retire’ from politics & move into ‘consultancy’

  2. eNeMeE says

    I’ve got this silly notion that humans are worth saving.

    Pfft. Shows what you know! It’s all about who is worth enriching, and that’s obviously the people who are already rich, because they gave jobs to the little people.

    …Ow, that hurts my brain.

  3. Nepenthe says

    I’ve seen no evidence thus far that humans are worth saving. However, ocean acidification may kill off cute little diatoms, snailies, and starfishies, so I’m strongly against global warming.

    Although I suppose that LOLcats would die out with humans, so it might be worth having a few around.

  4. sumdum says

    Great speech. But am I the only one who found it funny in the end he mentioned both magical thinking and god in one breath ?

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