Sep 01 2011

This ain’t Tetris. Really.

Funny how “realistic physics” just completely mangles a classic game like Tetris.

Downloadable for Linux, Mac and Windows. And this game is HARD. I can see this wasting far too much of my precious time. At least it’ll eat away the hours between now and when Stabyourself.net releases the much anticipated mari0. (Mario… with a portal gun. The Mushroom Kingdom is fucked.)


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  1. 1

    That mari0 one looks incredible. And the tetris was evil, just evil.

  2. 2

    Looked interesting, until I got to the Shoothookers game. They lost me there. That’s just bad form all around.

  3. 3
    Jason Thibeault

    Yeah. That’s kinda awful. Not quite Custer’s Revenge awful, but close.

  4. 4
    Daniel Fincke

    that was horrifying

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