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Jul 19 2011

Play-doh circuitry

These kids look so thrilled every time they make something that lights up. This is definitely something I need to do, given that I’m just a big kid myself. I’ve got lots of little tweeters, LEDs, motors, battery packs, et cetera. And homemade play-doh is easy enough to make, and I suspect I could even …

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Jul 18 2011

How to tell people they sound racist (or privileged?)

By Jay Smooth. Very nice. Interestingly, this has some implications in a totally different conversation — how to tell people their actions or words support misogyny or rape apologetics. It’s exactly the same as what happened during Elevatorgate with Rebecca Watson pointing to Stef McGraw’s words and saying they are unacceptable in that they’re wrong …

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Jul 16 2011

Greenpeace Australia ensures more land will be used for crops

Greenpeace Australia recently took action against a genetically modified wheat trial in Australia by scaling a fence, donning showpiece costumes that look like hazmat suits, and using a gas-powered weed-eater to destroy the entire crop. They also put up a Flickr slideshow showing their handiwork. The hazardous materials tape is a really nice touch for …

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Jul 15 2011

XKCD study shows cancer causes cell phones

As always, click through to the site for the mouseover hilarity. Wonder if this will bring back some of my older “EMF CAUSES CANCER ZOMG” trolls.

Jul 14 2011

The Problem with Privilege (or: after this, can we get back to the actual issues?)

I’ve been arguing recently with one of my Twitter followers about the specifics behind the Elevatorgate incident and the fallout that ensued. It seems that she’s seen fit to make private the extraordinarily long blog post that she put up about the subject. Completely coincidentally, I assume, after I showed her that the guy that …

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Jul 11 2011

Helping someone realize a mistake: twenty minutes. Recriminations: priceless.

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to inform someone that they are accidentally bleeding personal information all over the internet. For the past several months, I’ve been receiving e-mails from sporting goods stores, schools, random people, and most recently a junior hockey website, all aimed at Jason Thibeault, but all of them from a geographical area …

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Jul 10 2011

The Problem with Privilege (or: missing the point, sometimes spectacularly)

Part three of a series. I disagree with a lot of people, a lot of the time. I even disagree with people who are being very reasonable and forthright with their thought processes in how they came to the conclusions they did. In fact, often, it’s those thought processes that give me insight into exactly …

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Jul 10 2011

Kitten Vs. Two Apples

Sequel to the best thing on the internet.

Jul 09 2011

Peripheral vision turns normal girls horrific

Fullscreen this video and follow the directions. Our brains are full of such bugs, being the product of evolution rather than design. Is it that your brain is layering their faces due to them flashing by so quickly? Or is there something haywire with our facial pattern recognition in our peripheral vision? I saw lots …

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Jul 08 2011

The Problem with Privilege (or: no, you’re not a racist misogynist ass, calm down)

Part two of a series, evidently. Told you I had more to say. So you’re white. So you’re a man. So you’re well-to-do. That surely doesn’t make you evil! … OR DOES IT!?!? People honestly don’t seem to understand what it means to say that there’s a privilege problem in the skeptical community, it seems. …

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