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Jul 31 2011

RCimT: Climate round-up

Apropos of the topic of discussion for today’s radio show, here’s a roundup of some links related to climate change, plus some other related sciencey bits that I otherwise just wanted to get out of my tabs. Enjoy! Here’s how climate change was subsumed into the “culture war”. Good overview of how we got to …

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Jul 30 2011

How do you truly “lead”, in a community so loosely organized and full of in-fighting?

Stephanie Zvan lives up to her nickname once again, this time by putting together an excellent and thorough discussion on leadership in context of the big ol’ privilege blowup (AKA, this month’s Great Rift In The Community (TM)). This is important stuff, if you want to understand exactly where people have gone wrong in arguing …

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Jul 29 2011

Sagan never said this about climate change, which BTW is STILL HAPPENING.

When science says something potentially damaging to your bottom line, and all the evidence points to the inevitable conclusion that yes, that potentially damaging thing is real and really damaging both to your bottom line and to the fate of human civilization, what’s your first reaction? Naturally, lie like crazy for half a century until …

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Jul 28 2011

Bill Nye: “Science is true”

“The big thing for us… on my side of this thing… is that science is true.” (Hat tip Media Matters) I have no idea what Jon Scott thought he was asking when he said “it’s not like we were up there burning fossil fuels.” Volcanoes don’t have anything to do with climate change. They might …

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Jul 28 2011


Had to pull a work overnight, but both things that needed doing took almost no time at all to complete. So, since I was already all jacked up on all sorts of coffee, rather than going to bed immediately, I went and redesigned my website. I’m now using the Fluid Blue theme, edited to use …

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Jul 27 2011

What group do I belong to, that is the least tolerated in America?

Guess. Wonder why I speak out? Hat tip to GenerationXeroFilms on Youtube. Well done!

Jul 26 2011

Atheists: PHEAR HIM

He’s completely serious. He knows Javascript. If you’re an atheist, he will hack your shit if you don’t clean your shit up.

Jul 25 2011

The Problem with Privilege: some correct assertions, with caveats

I really want to get on with other things. Seriously, I do. Which is why I want to cede a bit of ground — or at least it might seem that way to the casual observer, given all the things I’m about to agree to. It would pay dividends in furthering the conversation if you …

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Jul 22 2011

The Problem with Privilege (or: cheap shots, epithets and baseless accusations for everyone!)

This may be the last thing I have to say on the topic for a while, as I’m rapidly approaching my own STFU Station having already blogged far too much on this topic. But the imbroglio continues, and so must I. For a little while, anyway. One of the major problems stemming directly from Rebecca …

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Jul 20 2011

The Problem with Privilege: Manifesto for Change

Jennifer Ouellette writes about the chilling effect of privilege prejudices on diversity in the skeptical/atheist movement, and I couldn’t agree more. When I spoke two years ago at TAM7, I was flooded afterwards with friend requests on Facebook from the skeptical community. It was initially kind of gratifying, and I pretty much accepted them all, …

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