Jul 18 2011

How to tell people they sound racist (or privileged?)

By Jay Smooth. Very nice.

Interestingly, this has some implications in a totally different conversation — how to tell people their actions or words support misogyny or rape apologetics. It’s exactly the same as what happened during Elevatorgate with Rebecca Watson pointing to Stef McGraw’s words and saying they are unacceptable in that they’re wrong and they promote misogynistic views about gender relations. Rebecca was having conversation one, and everyone turned it into conversation two.

See also the comments on this post over at Greg Laden’s.

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    There can be no Khitomer Accord » Lousy Canuck

    [...] thing you said was sexist” for “you’re a sexist”, in much the same way that Jay Smooth points out that it’s very difficult to get someone to hear what you’re actually saying when you [...]

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    Libby Anne on equity feminism vs gender feminism » Lousy Canuck

    [...] called them a sexist. If I were to suggest a name for this phenomenon, I’d call it the Smooth Principle. Identifying a behaviour is often enough to make the person go full whargarbl with [...]

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