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Jun 05 2011

The war on drugs has failed, empirically.

The multi-billion-dollar industry that is the War On Drugs, which has imprisoned countless people for simple possession and spurred development of for-profit prisons across America, “has failed”, according to a report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy. The major players in the war are, of course, circling their wagons: The office of White House …

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Jun 04 2011

Dr. Craig Venter writes Hello World program

I’m a few days late with this, but still, this one’s a big win for science. And… the implications are staggering. Dr. Craig Venter’s team has created life from non-living chemicals. Life from non-life, and as close to “ex nihilo” as you can get without having to first create matter. The team put four bottles …

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Jun 03 2011

Refute this, William Lane Craig.

I’m amazed, time and again, that William Lane Craig is as eminently respected in the world as he is. Certainly, he’s a polished debater, and would likely mop the floor with me in any sort of live debate (given especially that live debates do not lend well to matters of fact over opinion). But his …

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Jun 02 2011

White holes! (There’s a joke in there somewhere)

Via TowerGaming.com

I’m too pumped about this possible find to bother hashing out the obvious body-part-related jokes available to me at the moment. White holes, AKA “little bangs”, AKA “time-reversed black holes”, AKA “a bunch of shit just suddenly barfed out into our spacetime at a random place and time with absolutely no warning”, may have been …

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