How many coffees a year would it take to power the search for extraterrestrial life?

This is a serious eye-opener. 40,000 coffees could fund another year of searching for life amongst the already-discovered Earth-like exoplanets. This infographic is a sequel to this other one you might have already seen.

The Allen Telescope Array was shut down for being too expensive to run under the current government’s attempts at curtailing unnecessary spending. Mind you, Obama is continuing Bush’s two wars and starting a new one in Libya, so honestly, it’s not like they aren’t spending money frivolously on foreign adventures as it stands. At least they could be funding the most foreign adventure of all in space research. I couldn’t tell you why over 600 billion dollars in military budget per annum is necessary but 2.5 million for scientific research is “too frivolous”… it’s like saying that you need to bubble-gum and scotch-tape your utilitarian K-Car to barely meet inspection, while your Lear jet idles 24/7 in its hanger.

The graphic is huge, so I put it below the fold.


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