Epic Rap Battles of History: Ben Franklin vs Billy Mays

I didn’t think I’d like the other stuff, after Einstein vs Hawking pretty much set the bar as high as it could go. Spoiler: when Billy Mays dies near the end, it’s about to get really epic.

Hat tip to Clifton, who according to my blog statistics, despite not having posted in forever, is somehow still the third most frequent commenter behind me and Dan J.

I should never have looked at those stats. Damn, do I ever post a lot on my own blog. Wow.


  1. Clifton says

    I’m 3rd?
    Einstein vs Hawking is probably my 3rd favorite. Darth Vader vs Hitler is still #1 in my books. Chuck Norris vs Abe Lincoln is up there, too. Kim Jong Il vs Hulk Hogan is decent, as is Genghis Kahn vs the easter bunny. I didn’t see slapchop guy coming, I thought it was gonna be Billy’s British buddy.

  2. says

    You’re right Jason, it did get epic, though I wasn’t expecting in that way.

    Verra Nice…

    This makes it the third vid in this series I’ve seen, and I’ll have to expand upon that.

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