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May 11 2011

Kitten vs. Tennis Ball

This could very well be the very best thing on the internet. I know, I’ve said that before. This time I’m for totally serious. The Alien soundtrack redub… yeah. Adorable and epic at the same time. Hat tip to my sis, via Facebook.

May 10 2011

Science vs. the Qur’an

I received a comment on my post Religion as a mental parasite from Hashem, an Ohio native studying abroad at a university in Cairo. He converted to Islam, and believes its teachings to be divinely inspired due to the scientific information it conveys that was not available to its author(s) at the time of writing, …

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May 08 2011

Standing on Aether, Thinking Airy Thoughts

Courtesy of the ineffable Stephanie Zvan, our local cargo cult’s patron saint of Win, here is a simply perfect explanation of why atheists, skeptics and scientists of all stripes have every right to disrespect “serious theologians” and “serious philosophers” when they ask — nay, DEMAND — that we pay homage to all the philosophers who …

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May 05 2011

Why Prayer is Nonsense #nationaldayofprayer

In honor of the US tradition of turning Cinco de Mayo into the farcical National Day of Prayer, today I repost my opus, Why Prayer is Nonsense. By no means is this intended to be an exhaustive list of every theological discussion, every argument and counterargument, with regard to prayer’s efficacy. My aim with this …

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May 04 2011

Space Core Cat

Via Stephanie Zvan, via her Facebook feed. I love memes.

May 04 2011

How many gays must God make?

Minnesotans are cool. I have a mountain of evidence for this, for the record. Trolls aren’t so much. Too bad, I thought we had real dialog going on at one point. It’d be nice if there were more people actually willing to intellectually defend their earnestly held beliefs around these parts.

May 02 2011

How to fix Canada’s political system

First, you need to vote today. Then, someone needs to implement the system that’s being kicked around in Britain: the Alternative Vote. This will eliminate the spoiler effect and keep people from having to vote strategically, as I myself have done in early voting.

May 01 2011

Unwinding “Hide the Decline”

Do climate deniers still point to that one sentence as though “ClimateGate” and the emails actually show any “trick” in the sense they believe?

May 01 2011

Trump: as serious a contender for prez as a rusty birdcage

Oh hell yes, what a roast. The Donald is a joke. Also love the dig at Obama at the very end of this clip. Yup, 2008 Obama was awesome.

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