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Apr 30 2011

Why am I anti-conservative, when many conservative financial ideals make sense?

untitled83 asked on my recent post about electoral projections: I just have a quick question I’ve wanted to ask a strong liberal, or should i say a strong anti-conservative. I stumbled on your blog so here you go. Why is it so wrong to vote conservative. I work. I appreciate the effort of workers, of …

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Apr 27 2011

Hey Elon: never mind Mars for now. Put us in a car first!

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, vows in this clip to put humans on Mars within 20 years. I’d love to know why this is his priority, given that Tesla has never had a profitable quarter and has sold less than a thousand cars. They recalled ~460 of them due to a backup 12v wire …

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Apr 26 2011

Election projections for your riding; who to vote for to simply beat Cons

Canada’s election at the moment looks like a choice between another Conservative minority, or a Conservative majority government, unless everyone were to suddenly vote Liberal strategically. In Canada, one can gain a majority government (e.g., enough seats to mean your party basically wins every parliamentary motion) with a mere 35% of the popular vote with …

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Apr 23 2011

How strawman arguments and shitty authors undermine #atheism

I haven’t read anything by Anthony DeStefano aside from his anti-atheist screeds on various news journals like USA Today, but I have no doubt merely by looking through the title list that he is a man of deep conviction in that which he cannot see. He’s written a book for children called Little Star, all …

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Apr 22 2011

First impressions on the iPhone 4

My cat, and my legs. Combining the two traditional first picture paradigms into one shot thats the picture equivalent of Hello World.

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, I’ve gone over to the dark side. I now own a piece of Apple tech. Okay, it’s not my first, where I got donated an old eMac to play with a while back (the ones that blow capacitors out all the time — meaning it was a time bomb …

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Apr 20 2011

On being frustrated with skeptics’ lack of empathy for outgroups

I love Juniper Shoemaker’s writings. I don’t read her blog at My Fair Scientist nearly as often as I want, given that she’s a very sporadic blogger, but when she blogs, she blogs hard. Juniper, you’ll remember, is in a relationship with DuWayne Brayton, foul-mouthed firebrand of the blogosphere, and she was involved in Jodi’s …

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Apr 18 2011

It’s incredibly easy to make an informed vote May 2nd.

In case you’re unaware, we’re having an election up here in the Great White North. Pretty well everyone I’ve talked to around these parts, however, doesn’t seem to care enough to actually vote. Or, alternately, they feel that they aren’t informed enough to make a proper decision. The funny thing is, with the internet, it’s …

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Apr 17 2011

Baby penguin being tickled.

If ever there was a video deserving of going viral, this is it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K3MXY5ITxQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnxGZ9jeuP8 (Yes, I should be working on a post about the election. I know.) Looks like the one I posted wasn’t the original. Everyone! Update your links to this one instead! I <3 ticklish penguin. Update: Its name is Cookie! Awwwww!

Apr 16 2011

Tim Minchin’s Confessions

I happen to concur with his primary thesis. Just for the record. What a great song, with a great message! Hat tip to @sciliz, AKA becca from pretty well everywhere on the blogosphere. Yes, everywhere. Even there.

Apr 14 2011

Shit Harper Did

Something I’ve noticed coming off of the debates here in Canada, is that people have been primarily thinking Stephen Harper looked “Prime Ministerial” or “hit it out of the park” — two phrases that, I swear, were used by three separate Conservative callers to the post debate show. That kind of coincidence seriously makes me …

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