Apr 17 2011

Baby penguin being tickled.

If ever there was a video deserving of going viral, this is it.


(Yes, I should be working on a post about the election. I know.)

Looks like the one I posted wasn’t the original. Everyone! Update your links to this one instead!

I <3 ticklish penguin.

Update: Its name is Cookie! Awwwww!


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  1. 1

    Yes, this should go viral. I’m posting this on my site for tomorrow! Thanks, d00d.

  2. 2
    Rich Wilson

    Done my bit!

  3. 3

    The happy, it warms me and tastes like hot cocoa.

  1. 4
    A baby penguin being tickled | The Call of Troythulu – Musings of a Skeptophrenic

    [...] of Lousy Canuck‘s blog. You’re right, Jason… This SHOULD go [...]

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