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Mar 07 2011

Daniel Craig in drag for sexual equality

And he doesn’t look half bad. Too bad M doesn’t make a very good case for Craig to keep his lady kit on in explaining all the problems women have to deal with in today’s society. I like the message. I think it could certainly have been cropped down significantly (and probably was for the …

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Mar 06 2011

CRTC: a pawn in Harper’s larger game?

In reading news about the CRTC of late, I can’t help but notice a few converging threads. I legitimately feel that I am above conspiracy theory, and I like to say that without evidence, our understanding of reality is potentially unreliable. Therefore, I write this post tentatively, knowing I may be drawing incorrect conclusions. But …

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Mar 05 2011

What’s the greatest country on Earth?

Everyone’s likely to say their own country. Most Americans would say America. Not all of ‘em though. Evidently Lewis Black likes Canada. Which is nice, because we like him back. What’t the deal with patriotism in the face of evidence to the contrary, anyway? Hat tip Greg Laden’s Blog, written by… some guy.

Mar 03 2011

Orange-faced lies from Boehner about #netneutrality

I don’t know where this man comes up with this stuff, but his priorities thus far — despite his protestation that his first priority is to create jobs — have been to reduce government to only small enough to control every vagina in the land, and now to remove all impediments to the ability of …

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Mar 02 2011

#Religion + politics = theocracy. And this #Christian doesn’t mind. #atheism

We Need a Christian DictatorUploaded by OnKneesforJesus Seriously. Wow. Where else but in the mind of the faithful elect would you find such an argument made seriously? Even if I strongly suspect that he has a point — that being uneducated about politics or about the world leads you to make errors at the ballot …

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Mar 02 2011

Speaking up about Agriculture

Written by my wife Jodi, her account didn’t make the migration for some reason. I meant to write a follow up to my post on the 2010 agricultural report, but I’ve been distracted by writing to my provincial government instead. There is a big rezoning issue going on in my area right now, and since …

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Mar 01 2011

“People on the left side of the plane will see people on the right side of the plane watching the shuttle.”

Via Glendon Mellow‘s Google Reader feed. Awesome.

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