Mar 24 2011

Mr. Rogers: we assert evilness, you decide!

You ever wonder if there was some assertion that was so beyond the pale ludicrous that nobody could, in all seriousness, say it on the Fox News channel? I think I found it.

Note the heavy use of the prophylactic question mark.

The video may be a bit out of sync with the audio, or it may just be my crappy laptop.


  1. 1
    Dan J

    Could Mr. Rogers really be evil?


    We report; you decide.

  2. 2

    *Sigh* Faux Nu’z is once again on the warpath with their own brand of reactionary narcissism and hypocrisy. They would do well to look in a mirror before blaming dead children’s television show hosts on the problems with any generation.

  3. 3

    Honestly, he’s always creeped me out in a Catholic priest kind of way.

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