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Feb 19 2011


As seen recently on Pharyngula. I make no pretense that I know for certain whether this was created unironically. I don’t know. Nor do you. If you have to, plug your ears or mute your computer and just read along. The turn-based battle during the end credits are hilarious, either way. What do you think? …

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Feb 18 2011

RCimT: Stuff to be mad about

As I implied yesterday, there’s far too much going on in this world right now that deserves my ire. I have to mete it out carefully or I won’t have enough to go around, because the meds for my Stretch Armstrong leg are seriously putting a damper on my ability to draw from my bile …

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Feb 17 2011

How Intelligent Design has evolved since Dover

There’s a metric ton of shitty things happening in the world right now, and I don’t have the wherewithal to blog about it all while I’m doped up on painkillers for my strained leg. (Shoveling. All last week. A few hours every day. Not surprised I hurt myself, honestly.) So, instead, I’ll just throw this …

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Feb 14 2011

The moon loves Valentine’s Day

Okay, okay, I generally don’t go in for this particular holiday, but when I saw this moon crater on Universe Today, I figured I had to post it. If you celebrate it, happy Valentine’s Day. If you don’t, you’re not alone.

Feb 13 2011

Is cancer just cells “rebooted into safe mode”?

An interesting theory about cancer’s prominence in mammals (save naked mole rats of course): The new theory, published in the journal Physical Biology, has been put forward by two leading figures in the world of cosmology and astrobiology: Paul Davies, director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, Arizona State University; and Charles …

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Feb 12 2011

Boobies for Darwin Day!

Hope your Darwin Day goes better than the poor male booby in this video.

Feb 12 2011

Kiai Master vs Skeptic

Look, I don’t normally watch fights, much less participate in them. I’ve enjoyed some MMA in the past, and I enjoy video games with a violent bent from time to time, but I couldn’t bring myself to punch or knee someone repeatedly, especially when the other person is clearly unequipped to actually fight back. This… …

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Feb 11 2011

Fox vs video games: the Bulletstorm shitstorm

The other day, when I saw it appear on the Playstation 3′s “What’s New” splash, I downloaded a demo for a first-person shooter game I hadn’t heard anything about before, called Bulletstorm. The demo video preceding the actual playable level pretty much set the expectations for the game — chaotically violent grindhouse with over-the-top game …

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Feb 10 2011

Smooth Criminal on dueling cellos

Now floating around the ‘tubes: something awesome. Okay, so they look like Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Whatever. I’d feel less bad about humanity if teen girls drooled over these guys, honestly.

Feb 10 2011

Thanks to the Kepler mission, the weak anthropic principle is pretty much proven.

This video by darkmatter2525 makes a bold assertion: he claims the fact that we’ve discovered the 1235 planets Kepler found in a year and a half — 54 in their stars’ Goldilocks Zones, five of which are the same size as Earth — proves the weak anthropic principle even without needing to actually visit one …

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