Feb 20 2011

Potholer54 rips apart Christopher Monckton, then reveals his own identity!

Turns out he’s retired journalist Peter Hadfield. No shit! Damn, I love this man. Having heard him on so many CBC News broadcasts as a kid, I still had no idea that’s why Potholer54′s tone was so familiar and soothing. And he’s not just tearing apart creationists any more — oh no, he’s on to bigger and more immediate dangers to humankind’s survival, like “Lord” Christopher Monckton and his climate apologetics.

If this isn’t enough to show Monckton as a hack-for-hire, Peter Sinclair of Climate Denial Crock of the Week has some more for your consideration.

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    [...] Incidentally check on the latest in the YouTube series “Monckton bunkum” by potholer54 (Peter Hadfield) [...]

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    potholer54 on science media | Lousy Canuck

    [...] an example of FOX “News” science reporting, among other such examples, potholer54 (aka Peter Hadfield) explains how to dig for information in science media. He also takes the media to task for their [...]

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