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Feb 28 2011

RCimT: some resources for #atheists attempting to debate with #creationists

Not up to doing a full RCimT today either. So I’ll pick out some tabs that I had in the Religion category that are good resources for people debating on the internet to rebut specific lines of argumentation. “Evolution is just a theory!” — Learn what a scientific theory is: a good general explanation of …

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Feb 27 2011

How does one rebut the opinion that the President is the Antichrist?

Seriously. Is there any way to counter the “fifth column of insanity” that rejects facts on a matter of faith? Sorry I didn’t post the link-fest I promised. I played video games instead. So, I had fun, which is what’s important, right?

Feb 26 2011

RCimT: Playing scientific catch-up

Day 3 of my attempt at clearing out old links from my queue of stuff to blog about. Sadly, this one I can’t fit into a coherent narrative, except to say that science rocks. ClimateCrocks posted a trailer for the movie Carbon Nation, touted as a “climate change movie for people who don’t believe in …

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Feb 25 2011

There is no larger trend of women being forced to be baby-makers

I don’t really have much more to say about the whole forcing-women-back-into-the-alley tactics of the Republican party, supported by people whose ideation of their religion includes prohibitions of abortion that are wholly unmentioned in their foundational texts. But I’m certain they’re the only parties in this world that think women exist solely for the purposes …

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Feb 25 2011


Wow. Words fail me. This is exactly right.

Feb 24 2011

Our first tentative steps onto the shore of the ocean of space

There’s nothing that sparks my imagination with quite the ferocity that space does. And with good reason — in its vastness, we find out so much about ourselves and our origins. It is in space exploration — even if limited to launching more and better probes and building more and better telescopes — that we …

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Feb 23 2011

Create a number of random-content, random-size files in Bash

Not likely to get a proper post out tonight, unfortunately. So here’s a little snippet of Bash code I’m working on, for the implementation of a new clustered file system for work. For stress-testing, I’m going to need to create a bunch of little files of random contents and sizes, and see whether the clustering …

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Feb 22 2011

Sex, Science and Social Policy

Stephanie Zvan’s first Research Blogging post is on the cherry-picking tactics used by people trying to shape social policy regarding the sex industry — tactics you might be familiar with, given their prevalence in arguments against the realities of evolution and climate change. The post is a whopper. (And I mean that in terms of …

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Feb 21 2011

Old Agriculture is Dying

I’m typing this on my recently new Aspire One netbook. It’s booted to Ubuntu 10.10 because I dislike the way Windows operates. Between my husband and I we have 4 computers, we used to have 5. I’m also watching him play Little Big Planet 2 on our PS3 and 40″ Sony LCD which I helped …

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Feb 20 2011

Potholer54 rips apart Christopher Monckton, then reveals his own identity!

Turns out he’s retired journalist Peter Hadfield. No shit! Damn, I love this man. Having heard him on so many CBC News broadcasts as a kid, I still had no idea that’s why Potholer54′s tone was so familiar and soothing. And he’s not just tearing apart creationists any more — oh no, he’s on to …

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