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Nov 18 2010

NephilimFree: The Megamix

Work just keeps exploding, and I keep being the guy in the blast radius. Oh well. I get knocked down, I get back up again. Meanwhile, have some intertube crazy! I can’t get that beat out of my head. Dun dun-dun dun, dun-DUN DUN dun, dun dun-dun dun…

Nov 15 2010

“Straight Pride”: disrespectful, hate-filled, bigoted, and probably not what your god wants

Via Jezebel, apparently some heteronormative kids in the majority have taken to wearing t-shirts showing those minority gay kids how proud they are of being in the majority and position of privilege: One unnamed official’s words explained that the students weren’t punished because the incident was a way to show kids that “while there are …

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Nov 14 2010

2012 Doomsday: Wrong on more than one level.

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now (seriously, how could you not be?), the Mayan long count calendar is due to roll over on December 21st, 2012, as it does every 394.3 years (1 B’ak’tun). December 22, 2012 will mark the first day of the 14th B’ak’tun since the Mayans’ mythical creation date in …

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Nov 12 2010

Maddow’s uncut interview of Jon Stewart

This is an absolutely excellent interview in a lot of ways, and I can’t help but wonder what today’s political arena would be like if every discussion was even within the same ballpark of rationality as this discussion. I side more with Maddow — the false equivalence meme has more traction than it deserves by …

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Nov 11 2010

Remember the veterans, and the civilians

If you’ll remember, George W. Bush lied the US and its allies into war with Iraq, under the false pretenses that Al Qaida was present, and/or that Saddam Hussein was building WMDs. Prior to this, while Saddam’s reign was brutal, sectarian violence was extraordinarily low. In other words, it was not a war-torn area until …

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Nov 09 2010

Climate science from 1956

You mean Al Gore didn’t invent it!? I thought they thought we were going into an ice age! You mean the climate skeptics are full of it all around, and not just on the state of today’s science?? People knew CO2 affects climate over fifty years ago, and it’s only recently that asshat denialists and …

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Nov 07 2010

Happy belated Carl Sagan Day!

I’d love to blog about the major open-source project I’ve got going on for a company with which I’m affiliated, but frankly, I’ve been expending so much energy on it, that I have hardly any energy left at the end of the day to blog about what I’ve done. Suffice it to say, all but …

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Nov 06 2010

Maddow: Keith’s suspension proves Fox and MSNBC not equal

I don’t know that the rule is necessary at all any more. Not when the corporations paying the salaries of their employees are probably shelling out more money on lobbying than they do on those very salaries. And not when the false-equivalence meme rages on, painting the political operation known as “Fox News” and the …

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Nov 05 2010

It’s Okay If You’re Joe Scarborough. Or Sean Hannity. Or GE.

As written into his contract with MSNBC which bars political contributions that may indicate a lack of journalistic integrity, for having made $7,200 of political contributions to three Democratic candidates, Keith Olbermann has been suspended indefinitely without pay. This is in marked contrast to MSNBC’s treatment of Joe Scarborough, who in 2006 donated $4200 to …

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Nov 03 2010

George Takei is my hero.

And Clint McCance is indeed a douchebag. Have to say I agree with carr2d2 though. There is no problem in this world too large or too serious that some idiot won’t make a We Are The World style song about it. And there is no end to the people who will love it, despite how …

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