Maddow: Keith’s suspension proves Fox and MSNBC not equal

I don’t know that the rule is necessary at all any more. Not when the corporations paying the salaries of their employees are probably shelling out more money on lobbying than they do on those very salaries. And not when the false-equivalence meme rages on, painting the political operation known as “Fox News” and the legitimate news organization MSNBC with the same brush.

I agree with Rachel. Keith didn’t know of, or ignored, the rule in his contract. He was caught out. He was punished. That’s appropriate. Now, if the law is onerous or injust, change it, even if you have to apply it to people that shouldn’t necessarily be punished while it’s still in effect. Either that, or make it something that actually affects other organizations, like Fox Pravda, to fix the hypocrisy within the news media.


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    I read this morning that 90% of talk radio is right leaning, I suspect that TV is the same. Very few progressive voices out there. Heck, the GOP has it’s own network-Fox. Just another example of how unfair “it” is to be a left leaning, liberal atheist, progressive voice. Hope UR having a great weekend “J”.


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