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Nov 29 2010

Want some rye?

‘Course you do. One of my all-time favorite adventure gaming moments. (Yes, I could have posted about the Vatican doubling back on their long-standing “condoms are more evil than AIDS” policy, or about the Wikileaks revelations, but… yeah. I’m stretched a bit thin lately. Sorry.)

Nov 26 2010

The secret secrets of The Secret, revealed!

This man is a prophet of the new age. If only he could visualize something more useful than an antique sausage press.

Nov 24 2010

“Spooky action” limited by Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

I remember the good old days, when astrologers could claim “spooky action at a distance” as a plausible mechanism for their particular brand of nonsense. Those days are over. Einstein and his co-workers discovered non-locality while searching for a way to undermine the uncertainty principle. “Now the uncertainty principle appears to be biting back.” Non-locality …

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Nov 23 2010

IE8, the enter key, and forms

Today, working on my work mail server’s admin interface, I discovered that IE8 treats submitted forms differently from all other browsers on the market. Including previous versions of Internet Explorer, at that. The de facto standard is, if you have multiple forms that post to a single script, and you want that script to check …

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Nov 23 2010

Adam Savage accidentally proves TSA upgrades are ineffectual

So… we’re using backscatter xrays to look at people’s bodies nude, and completely missing foot-long razor blades. What, were they too busy looking at genitals? Is this all the TSA upgrades are for, so some pervs can get their jollies while making idiots feel safer without actually being safer?

Nov 22 2010

Some of my older atheism/science posts you probably haven’t read

Judging mostly by the pageview count, that is. One of my first posts on atheism, Life, the universe, and everything (or, I’m An Atheist And So Can You!): The universe *is* finite. We (by which I mean scientists, the guys on whose shoulders I’m trying to stand) are pretty sure it started as an infinitessimally …

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Nov 21 2010

The removal of specific words that could save specific lives

Our Lady of Perpetual Win (seriously, you should subscribe to her RSS, or better yet, don’t, so her pageview stats inflate somewhat), blogged today about a disgraceful bit of discriminatory politics at the United Nations. Unless you speak up and tell the world that gays, lesbians and other sexual and gender minorities are due the …

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Nov 20 2010

Green Lantern movie trailer

Short form review: Hal Jordan’s supposed to be more of a boy scout than Ryan Reynolds is playing him here, but the visuals, constructs, the Lantern Corps members, and Oa, are all spectacular. I have high hopes.

Nov 19 2010

Antihydrogen: tiny atom, HUGE F’N DEAL

CERN physicists have done something heretofore outside the grasp of humankind — creating and trapping antimatter. This is a big deal, because catching antimatter and keeping it without it annihilating whatever you’re trapping it with is hard as hell. It’s also a big deal because antimatter is one of physics’ largest mysteries, way out on …

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Nov 19 2010

Science Saved My Soul

A little something amazing to inspire you today. (And no, for the record, just using the word “soul” doesn’t mean I believe in them. Like the video creator, I understand that your consciousness is contingent on a fully functioning brain, and what we view as “our soul” is actually that consciousness in the abstract.)

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