Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 05 2010

Harper government intentionally suppressing inconvenient truths

Remember how rules changes in 2007 basically muzzled climate scientists in Canada from providing interviews with journalists about evidence-based climate research? Remember also how a troll on this blog suggested it was really just the public losing interest in, you know, being “guilt-tripped” by the media about the current state of today’s climate? Documents were …

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Oct 04 2010

My wife, the grape murderer

I can’t begin to imagine how many grapes she had to kill to get that grapey. It’s all for a good cause though — making wine. Mmm.

Oct 03 2010

Evolution of video game music

Very heavy Nintendo representation, but that’s perfectly fine by me. Done using, naturally, Mario Paint Composer. Listen to it without watching the video and see how many you recognize, for fun. I laughed out loud at the inclusion of the Duck Tales Moon level theme — fucking. awesome. And the boss theme for Final Fantasy …

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Oct 02 2010

Beyond Possibilianism: Why I Am a Maybetarian (Reformed)

This will probably be considered completely uncivil of me (perish the thought! Get me my fainting couch!). Nonethless, I can’t help but laugh at this misguided attempt by David Eagleman at reframing the debate between the faithful and us heathens as being between two extremes, with true-agnosticism — redefined with a pithy neologism — is …

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Oct 01 2010

I want to believe… BUT…

Floating around the interdumb: UFOs are real zomg!!! Senior government officials and lifelong UFO researchers are pretty difficult to ignore, aren’t they? Except, no, they’re quite easy to ignore, because all they’re presenting is anecdotal evidence. Where’s the alien body? The piece of alien technology? The actual hard physical evidence that proves that these as-yet-unexplained …

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