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Sep 21 2010

Update on Avaaz petition vs Sun TV aka ‘Fox News North’

Just received this via e-mail, having subscribed to the Avaaz petition against Stephen Harper’s attempt to force Sun TV, the propaganda wing of the Conservative party, on all cable users. This is the infamous “Fox News North” station about which Harper commiserated with Murdoch et al. Dear amazing Avaaz community across Canada, Kory Teneycke, PM …

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Sep 20 2010

Danger, danger! High voltage!

This is amazing. A guy in a faraday cage suit, inspecting high-voltage wires from the outside of a helicopter, or by shimmying along them like a rope bridge. I sure as hell couldn’t do it. The original video I’d embedded, just got disabled for embedding — you can view it right here. And there are …

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Sep 19 2010

Play Like a Pirate

No, no, not that way. Telltale Games is going to offer a treasure trove of booty for a sixpence starting tomorrow, in honor of today’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Of course, with inflation, a sixpence is actually $4.95, and the “treasure trove” is actually the complete Tales of Monkey Island season, but it …

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Sep 18 2010

How the Pope Learned to Use the Big Lie

In my last blog post, I alluded very briefly and without much detail to Pope Joseph Ratzinger’s recent polemic against secularism, wherein he blamed secularism for the rise of Nazi Germany. I was immediately struck by how patently false and revisionist the claim was, and was honestly surprised to see it coming from such a …

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Sep 16 2010

Tim Minchin’s Pope Song free for the taking

Remember this? Of course you do! In honor of Pope Palpatine’s grand UK tour, Tim Minchin has released his song as a DRM-free mp3, at least until the dark cloud is lifted from England’s shores. Go grab it while you have the chance. Stick it to the guy that preaches tolerance in the same breath …

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Sep 16 2010

A sweetened load of bull

I’m sure you’ve heard the news that, in the States, corn producers have recently petitioned the Food and Drug Administration for the right to rebrand High Fructose Corn Syrup to the simpler “corn sugar” after HFCS’ use dipped almost 20% in recent years. The name “high fructose corn syrup” has been judged in the public …

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Sep 15 2010

The Teabaggers have pitched a really big tent

Ladies and gentlemen, this woman just won the Republican primary for the Delaware senate race. Of course, the Republicans don’t truck with her Tea Partier antics, and won’t be backing her. I can’t see why. She seems like a really good family-values-and-religion type! Except her “family values” are pretty tarnished, as, you see, she once …

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Sep 14 2010

Passion is important in politics, BUT…

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Holy crap on a cracker. COMMUNICATION!!!!!!

Sep 13 2010

Anti-sandwichism can’t give proof and evidence that it is true and correct

Checkmate, anti-sandwichists! (This is in reference to this nonsense by ShockOfGod. Seriously, this is the best argument this pinhead can come up with — an inversion of the burden of proof. Sigh.)

Sep 12 2010

Astrology on the radio, and Jamie Funk’s history purge

I just finished up a wonderful discussion on the astrology debunking post from last month, and the comments that ensued, on Minnesota Atheists Talk Radio. The blurb from their site: Who says online arguments are worthless? All right, so it probably depends on what you’re arguing about and who you’re arguing with, but even arguing …

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