Anti-sandwichism can’t give proof and evidence that it is true and correct

Checkmate, anti-sandwichists!

(This is in reference to this nonsense by ShockOfGod. Seriously, this is the best argument this pinhead can come up with — an inversion of the burden of proof. Sigh.)


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    The idiot keeps repeating about “lack of evidence” being his proof, and he actually doesn’t understand the joke. He’s just like millions of other biblical literalists and fundies.

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    I know. It’s really sad that he doesn’t get it, because it derails his argument about his cookbook.

    I’m such a jerk. I only just now realized I’d never updated my blogroll entry for your moved site. Sorry!

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    OH! LOL No problem.

    Yeah, the hypocrisy of many religious arguments is completely lost on the proponents so much of the time. That’s a large part of why it’s pointless to even try with many of them. The mere concept of any part of their holy book being incorrect is completely beyond what they can conceive.

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