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Aug 11 2010

Attention, those who cheat at the intertubes: we’re on to you.

It seems cheating at Youtube isn’t the only sport of those without a leg to stand on ideologically. A group of right-wingers organized using a Yahoo! Group to orchestrate and perpetuate a continual “burial brigade” on Digg, a social bookmarking site I admittedly never use myself, in order to “bury” posts from left-leaning sources, or …

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Aug 10 2010

This is why I dislike Maher

Yes, he’s an atheist, so he’s got the right idea about mythology. But he sure didn’t replace that aspect of his worldview with a love of science. No, when you deny the germ theory of disease, you’re proving that you’ve come by your knowledge of this world by ignoring vast tracts of human progress and …

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Aug 09 2010

Could the elimination of the long-form census be an underhanded plot?

While I can’t help but sense a tinge of hyperbole in Paul Martin’s words regarding Harper’s government’s decision to drop our mandatory long-form census, I also tend to agree with the sentiment behind them. “This is not the way to run a democracy,” Martin told reporters on Sunday, when he and Duncan appeared at a …

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Aug 07 2010

How the moon landing hoax was staged

That Mitchell And Web Look demonstrates the conversations that most likely led to the moon landing hoax. Well that explains a lot. Except for the ongoing conspiracy theories.

Aug 07 2010

Let love reign supreme

Homosexuality is very likely biological, an emergent property from a confluence of genes that were selected for other reasons. That doesn’t make the people who are homosexual any less fully human, and my heart sings out that a federal judge in San Francisco has struck down California’s infamous Proposition 8 as unconstitutional in that it …

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Aug 05 2010

Relativity For Dummies

Just something nice and light I was watching on Youtube. Thought you might enjoy.

Aug 03 2010

Jon LaJoie doesn’t, so why should I?

I didn’t go to work due to a lack of sleep after a very bad stomach night, but never got a chance to catch up on said sleep, what with all the working-from-home I had to do. Plus, my dishwasher stopped draining and I tore it all apart to clean stuff, and my right middle …

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Aug 02 2010

The Four Food Groups

Aug 02 2010

Andromeda’s Wake disproves a divine creator using the argument from fine-tuning

Andromeda’s Wake just BLEW MY MIND, MAN. A “fine-tuned universe” is proof that God DOESN’T exist! If a personal creator deity created this universe to be life-sustaining, he could have created an infinite variety of life-sustaining universes with any combination of variables! Why do we have to be on a planet orbiting a sun at …

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Aug 01 2010

Dread Zeppelin – the Immigrant Song

This came up for some reason in the video chat Jodi and I had with Ben and Stephanie last night. This is hilarious and awesome.

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