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Aug 22 2010

Cat yodeling

We have cats. We enjoy annoying them, as it’s just desserts from them annoying us. We need to try this soon. (No cats were harmed in the making of this video. Just annoyed.)

Aug 21 2010

RCimT: Weekend science-related coolness

Just a few things in my tabs that you should probably know about, if you care about the progress humanity has made in understanding this universe. Plus my snide comments. The moon is falling! Wait, no, not falling. Shrinking. Very very slowly, mind — only 100 metres in recent geological history, as its core cools …

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Aug 20 2010


DuWayne Brayton of Traumatized by Truth wrote a poignant piece of short ficton that you need to read. I’ll pullquote the same chunk he did: The only thing I am afraid of now is that you will assume I didn’t love you with the depth and passion that I have always felt for you. I …

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Aug 19 2010

Twilight: Breaking Dawn in under 1m30s

I should probably warn you that this is full of spoilers for Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Everything that happens in the video, I shit you not, is canonical. As the movie’s title says, This Actually Happens In Twilight: Breaking Dawn. WHARGARBL Hat tip to Rebecca Watson at Skepchick.org. No, wait, not hat tip. “I hate you.” …

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Aug 19 2010

How to change comment threading and ‘in-reply-to’ in WordPress to match mine

In response to some database performance problems I was noticing with the high-traffic, never-dying astrology debunking post, threaded comments are now disabled so as to force the blog to honor the 50-comment-per-page limit. I figured I had best nip this in the bud before HostPapa decided to kick my ass. WordPress’ default behaviour involves only …

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Aug 18 2010

Phil Plait’s “Don’t Be a Dick” speech

Phil Plait’s posted the infamous Don’t Be a Dick speech from TAM 8 over at his blog (though hopefully the cross-posting won’t bother everyone’s favorite Bad Astronomer). I’m amused that people watched this and thought he’s talking about PZ specifically. He talks a lot of sense. I do take issue with a few quibbling points, …

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Aug 17 2010

Atheist blogospherics, and beating creationists at their own game

I haven’t done any atheist posts recently. I’ve been so wrapped up in the astrology nonsense that I just haven’t had the concentration to split off onto other topics, like my rampant heathenism. This is a sin, in my books, so I aim to rectify that — by pointing to a few other people’s interesting …

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Aug 16 2010

Structured guessology and rewriting history to suit astrology

The “debate” on astrology that I’d hoped to foment has finally kicked into… medium gear, I guess, when two new astrologers joined the fray to provide some anecdotes and a few selected “hits” as evidence. Several of the players have claimed that astrology can’t properly be used to predict stuff, and the man who was …

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Aug 14 2010

Women like porn, but Facebook doesn’t like women liking porn

Women like porn too, it turns out. No, seriously. Some really do. Facebook, however, apparently doesn’t like that fact. On July 27, 2010, Facebook removed the Our Porn, Ourselves Facebook campaign page. After the page was removed, anti-porn organization Porn Harms claimed victory and thanked Facebook for the deletion, on the organization’s Facebook page and …

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Aug 12 2010

She was a good dog

I was planning on writing about getting up early to try to catch the Perseids before dawn. Plans change. We just had to put our dog Ginger down this evening. Despite seeming perfectly healthy when we left this morning (barring having stolen some food from Jodi’s work bag), her health extremely rapidly hit a crisis …

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