Andromeda’s Wake disproves a divine creator using the argument from fine-tuning

Andromeda’s Wake just BLEW MY MIND, MAN. A “fine-tuned universe” is proof that God DOESN’T exist! If a personal creator deity created this universe to be life-sustaining, he could have created an infinite variety of life-sustaining universes with any combination of variables! Why do we have to be on a planet orbiting a sun at all? Why couldn’t we just be floating about in a three-dimensional void with only God’s love to serve to warm us?

So yeah. The take-aways from this video should be these points:

  • Our fine-tuned universe is fine-tuned for our specific type of life only.
  • Those constants that are seemingly fine-tuned are mathematical constructs only, abstractions to help our mathematical representation of the universe as it exists, and they may not represent any actual object or effect outside of those mathematical constructs.
  • We don’t know whether life is impossible in any other constants-setup of the universe, only that OUR life is not possible.
  • All of this fine-tuning nonsense is nonsense because we have a sample set of exactly one.
  • Any omnipotent deity would not be constrained to “fine-tuning” a universe anyway.

So what’s the point of arguing for fine-tuning, other than to disprove your own deity? Hoisted by their own petard.

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