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Jun 14 2010

Excommunicated for saving the life of a mother of four

Those Catholics sure do love to excommunicate people for abortions, even when the abortion saves one life that would have otherwise died. A woman in Arizona was pregnant, and would have died from complications in the pregnancy unless she had an abortion. The nun in charge of hospital administration approved the abortion, and was excommunicated. …

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Jun 13 2010

Jehovah Park

I know you have to be topical to keep the kids in line, but holy Jesus Christ in a Jeep being chased by raptors and a T-Rex. Must I be proselytized at, to the epic refrains from the Jurassic Park soundtrack? And seriously, “who can give the Devil hemorrhoids”. Might as well have said “my …

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Jun 13 2010

Yours Truly, BP

Keep the media from posting pictures of dead animals, will you? Beware the Streissand Effect, jerkwads. Hat tip to the one and only Stephanie Zvan.

Jun 11 2010

13 year old Pennsylvania girl home-aborts with a pencil

This is absolutely heart-rending. A thirty-year-old Poconos man got his 13-year-old “girlfriend” pregnant, and seeing no other recourse, where the local clinics do not provide or refer abortions as they are very religiously oriented, she used a pencil to abort her pregnancy. The action made her sick for three days, after which she went into …

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Jun 11 2010

Pac-man Tech Support – Jeff Paul!?

People are not necessarily as computer-savvy as you or I. Before taking my present position, I spent about four years of my life doing over-the-phone tech support for various computer products, and it grinds at your soul after a while. This is a call from Google’s tech support over… believe it or not… the Google …

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Jun 10 2010

Crude lies

People evidently don’t understand just how bloody deep we went to get oil, without adequate mitigating technologies to be used if something went wrong. BP’s technology for getting at extremely remote oil has increased in a manner not dissimilar to Moore’s Law, but without any sort of oversight, without anyone to tell them to invest …

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Jun 09 2010

Dance, Link, Dance!

Yeah, I, uh… pretty much don’t remember The Legend of Zelda going anything at all like this. Did the Japanese version of the game come with acid printed on the instruction manual or something?

Jun 08 2010

“This could be done right, and it is NOT being done right.”

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Are you outraged yet? Are you outraged that we are so lustful for oil that we’re willing to destroy the environment in its pursuit, and so greedy for profits that we aren’t investing in mitigating technologies? Are you outraged that we’re totally fucking …

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Jun 08 2010

Bill Nye, Humanist of the Year

Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist was so kind as to put up video of Bill Nye receiving the Humanist of the Year award in three parts over at his blog. Here’s the first part. Go here for the rest. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

Jun 07 2010

Working backward from your chosen answer

This is the real problem I have with Bible literalists: they choose their answer ahead of time, and then do simple mathematics with arbitrary figures to justify that answer. Meanwhile, entire fields of scientific study get shat upon. Hat tip to Julie at Attempts at Rational Behavior.

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