An illustration of the severity of the oil spill

Courtesy of If It Was My Home, and hat tip to sinned34.


  1. Nightfallz says

    You know, I was a skeptic about the severity of this spill at first, as it was being overplayed a lot (even with the real numbers taken into account). But that was at first, as in, the first several days. It’s been over 9 frickin’ weeks now. Hell, we could have trained jellyfish to go down there with Bounty paper towels in this amount of time (yes, that’s a joke for those who take themselves too seriously). WTF is taking so long with capping this, considering that they are working with a virtually unlimited budget to stop it?

  2. says

    I appreciate the hat tip, Jason, but I DO have a new blog, you know! Err… But don’t bother going there yet, ’cause I haven’t really posted anything interesting yet.

    After almost two weeks, I’ve discovered the main difficulty is going to be not just copying everything I see here, at Greg Laden’s Blog, Pharyngula, and the rest of the standard atheist/political/science sites!

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