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Jun 30 2010

Science Museum of Minnesota – Skeptics Welcome!

There were a few excellent displays at the Science Museum, but the ones that warmed my skeptical heart the most involved some of the wacky things people have believed, and/or cynically employed to try to fleece people of their hard-earned money. Jodi took some pictures. Check these out! More fun below the fold!

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Jun 29 2010

Is religion compatible with science?

Dan J at Relatively Unrelated posts on a topic near and dear to my heart. I keep hearing the accommodationist mantra that religion is compatible with science (or vice versa). There have recently been issues regarding a person who happens to be a skeptic, while at the same time being Christian (of the Roman Catholic …

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Jun 28 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

I’m not sure how likely it is I’m going to have time for blogging over the next few days. See, tomorrow, at 11:55am, Jodi and I are planning on getting on a two-part flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I say “planning” because flights have this annoying tendency of getting delayed by an hour pretty well every …

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Jun 28 2010

Formspring question: why are atheists so mean to me?

Why do atheists feel the need to put down people who believe in a God? I spend a lot of time on the internet and a lot of my encounters with Atheists have been negative in the sense they feel superior to me because they don’t believe in God. Why is that? I’m going to …

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Jun 27 2010

The Second Coming

You can’t tell me you haven’t thought this exact pun at least once. Hat tip to The Gaytheist Agenda. If ever there was a reason for a tin-foil hat, think about it: a nexus for liberal, gay and atheist thoughts all in one place. WE’RE COMING TO GET YOU, CONSERVATIVES! BOOGEDY BOOGEDY BOO!

Jun 26 2010

Care Bears, stare!

There’s been talk of making a Fraggle Rock movie, and that the people responsible are retooling the script so as to make it “edgier”. Since Fraggle Rock was a big part of my childhood, I’d like to show you what happens when you take a piece of your childhood and try to update it to …

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Jun 25 2010

Abiogenesis is not spontaneous generation. Period.

During a brief skirmish I had the other day on Twitter with young-Earth creationist Joe Cienkowski (of self-published anti-atheist tract fame), he asserted that the theory of abiogenesis is the same as the now-disproven hypothesis of spontaneous generation. This is, of course, as with pretty well every other assertion about science ever made by Joe, …

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Jun 24 2010

Set phasers on Jesus-stun!

I’ve had this particular tidbit up my sleeve for a while. Figured it’s time to play this particular card now, while I have a shit-ton of work to do and only one day left to do it in, before I can go on my vacation properly. Yes, I have a crazy work ethic, and feel …

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Jun 23 2010

An illustration of the severity of the oil spill

Courtesy of If It Was My Home, and hat tip to sinned34.

Jun 22 2010

Activist judges, money for oil, and a blatant disregard for reality

Funny how the right-wing complains about judges being “activist” whenever they overturn anything they like, such as gay marriage bans or laws that tip the scales heavily away from individuals and toward big businesses. When they declare Obama’s deep drilling moratorium on new leases deeper than 500 feet to be unfounded and lift it, however, …

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