Tim Minchin: The Good Book

A bit of Tim Minchin as blog filler. Since I’m working on something huge, my brain tubes are a bit clogged, but I’m hoping it’ll be ready tomorrow. Tim’s song ought to get you thinking about the circular, self-perpetuating nature of the memes called religion, in making fun of the one you personally, statistically by virtue of being an English reader, probably follow.


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    Ah, it’s back on YouTube? Last time I linked to it ’twas gone within a week or so.

    Tim’s great – everything he writes is beautifully meaningful, hilarious and excellent music. But you probably already knew that. :p

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    It’ll probably end up getting taken down too, so word to the readers: watch it now.

    I bet you’re just proud as hell that he’s a countryman, ain’tcha Jack? Ah well, at least I have William Shatner. Oh, and Jim Carrey… damn. That’s a zero-sum for Canada.

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