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Apr 14 2010

Arrest the Pope for his crimes, not for any cause

I sorta feel like a parent walking into my children’s fight an hour after it started at this point, but there’s apparently a row over whether the “Arrest the Pope” movement will hurt skepticism as a whole. The issue smacks heavily of the Framing Wars. Again. It’s creating a great rift. Again. And it’s annoying …

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Apr 13 2010

Atheism and rationalism are different

As much as I agree with Bill Maher on there being no gods, and that organized religion itself is nothing but a sham that gives cover to evil men’s abuses, I’m well within my rights to disagree with him on the subject of vaccinations. The fact that he’s an atheist does not make him a …

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Apr 12 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

That is right, these past few weeks when Sci’s blogging has been…a bit light, have not been due to a much needed vacation to some far away island filled with mai-tais (though that would have been very nice). Rather, these weeks have been devoted to…THE DISSERTATION. But now it is done, and Sci is a …

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Apr 10 2010

Doctor Who Adventure Game screenshots!

io9 has a whole bunch of screenshots of the soon-to-be-released free Doctor Who adventure games. I am stoked for this for a few reasons — I adore adventure games, all four games are canon and part of this season (bringing the season episode total to 17!), and the publisher is the same bunch that did …

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Apr 09 2010

Thus the world ends: not with a bang, but with a pixel

This is epic. Hat tip, of course, to its creator, Patrick Jean.

Apr 08 2010

Children of Fulton, Mississippi: GFY

I don’t know if you’ve been following this — if you hang around in the same circles that I do online, you probably have. If not, here’s a quick recap. A teen by the name of Constance McMillen asked permission of her school administrators to allow her to wear a tux and bring her girlfriend …

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Apr 08 2010

Oh good, Ratzinger’s gonna do something about it

About time we finally get a forceful declaration that the molestation will be curtailed! The pope said he was deeply disappointed to learn that the number of children sexually abused by priests was almost 10 times beyond the allowable limit clearly outlined in church doctrine. Admitting for the first time in public that the overindulgent …

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Apr 07 2010

But I LOVE Beaker!

Wretched old coots.

Apr 06 2010

The Emperor Palpatine Has No Clothes

Look. I don’t care, honestly, if you believe in God. Or any gods. Or any spiritual force that’s intangible and invisible. I don’t believe, personally, and if you come around here expecting to convert me, I’ll challenge you to back up your claims with some extraordinary evidence. That’s basically how it works around here on …

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Apr 06 2010

Evid3nc3 wins!

Chris Redford, AKA Evid3nc3 of Youtube fame, won a video contest sponsored by Project Reason to the tune of a cool $10,000 USD. Inspired by the emotional and intellectual turmoil of his religious “deconversion,” Redford began to document his experience with videos, five years later. As a graduate student pursuing his doctoral degree in computer …

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