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Apr 21 2010

The Nexus of Religion and Political Talking Heads

Is there some kind of requirement I was unaware of, that states, if you’re a Republican-boosting political talking head, you absolutely have to have delusions of grandeur such that you believe you understand the mind of God? The mind of the deity that your fellow religious folks have postulated but thus far been unable to …

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Apr 20 2010

Newsflash: Bill O’Reilly Lies As Easily As Breathing

Apr 20 2010

Dawkins on CNN re Bust-A-Pope

I’m absolutely flabbergasted that the anchor would ask how systemic cover-up of international child molestation and obstruction of justice by the institution that employs the men responsible, could be considered a human rights issue within the ICC’s purview. In my estimation… how could it NOT?

Apr 19 2010

Comic book film nerdgasm

Hat tip to “MovieBob” Chipman, who connects the dots. You better believe that my nerd heart is all a-flutter about the very thought of a movie about… uh, spoilers. Watch the video.

Apr 18 2010


I can’t help but figure this is something like Poe’s Law. You can’t make a parody of Insane Clown Posse that someone doesn’t figure is actually true, given their recent foray into science with their song Miracles. Look at the comments on this video and weep for humanity. Any race that replaces understanding about the …

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Apr 17 2010

Catholic blame-shifting (and blogospherics)

The Catholic Church has been quite busy with damage control regarding this never-ending pedophilia cover-up scandal. I just wanted to point out the various conflicting suggestions the Church has made over the past few weeks: Education Secretary Alonso Lujambio told reporters that public-school sexual education texts “seek to make our boys and girls responsible, to …

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Apr 16 2010

The Beast File on 2000 years of Catholic pedophilia scandals

In case you thought it was a recent problem.

Apr 16 2010

The big picture re the Iceland eruption

Boston.com’s regular photo blog The Big Picture has an amazing set of photos from the Iceland volcano eruption. For instance: I’m sure one of them will probably end up being your desktop wallpaper for a while.

Apr 15 2010

Bill Donohue: “The Pope is being framed! Also, Obama totally watched two gay soldiers make out”

When your entire philosophy is shown to be morally bankrupt, and you feel like you’re painted into a corner where you have to defend yourself by defending the evil people that have tarred your faith so badly (as per the “wounded animal” analogy I posted yesterday that Paul S. intentionally misunderstood), you have to make …

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Apr 15 2010

Pope Keeps Digging

So the AP reports that the Pope delivered a speech heavy on misdirection and obfuscation. What else is there to do when you find yourself in a hole? “I must say, we Christians, even in recent times, have often avoided the word ‘repent’, which seemed too tough. But now under attack from the world, which …

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