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Apr 30 2010

Should sexiness sell skepticism?

Sex sells. It’s practically axiomatic now — if you want to sell anything, sex it up. How do you do that? Well, obviously, in the advertisement world, by adding half-naked women, right? You know, since men — and heterosexual men only — are the only consumers worth targeting. Except, NO, they’re not — heterosexual males …

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Apr 29 2010

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS NOW. Especially you, Pope.

Oh my fucking FSM I love Tim Minchin so fucking much. Play it as many times as you have to, so you understand every word of this song. You might be laughing too hard the first few tries. Then tell me you disagree with any of it!

Apr 28 2010

Recent developments in The War On Catholicism

I use the title facetiously. You know as well as I do that there is no war on Catholicism, but rather an outcry demanding that punishment be meted out for crimes we know were committed and a demand that the organization not be allowed to “punish” its members for their crimes, knowing that no real …

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Apr 27 2010

Lane Bryant’s Big Problem

A massive controversy has erupted recently when Fox and ABC both censored this commercial, and are refusing to play it during their 7-9pm primetime slot. ABC offered Lane Bryant a later time slot, during the last ten minutes of Dancing With the Stars, if they would only make some heavy edits. Meanwhile, Victoria’s Secret ads …

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Apr 26 2010

Maddow on the case against Joseph Ratzinger

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I believe she’s the first mainstream media figure to lay it all out on television news, at least in North America. I could be wrong, though. I hope I’m wrong. Sinead O’Connor is owed an apology.

Apr 26 2010

Matt & Trey: “Not a meta-joke on our part”

So in my last post on the recent South Park / Islam scrape-up, I suggested that the moralistic closing speech was censored as a meta-joke, a “piling-on” by Matt Stone and Trey Parker in an effort to show how far religious censorship is willing to escalate a situation before it is satisfied. Turns out, I …

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Apr 25 2010

Earthquakes and boobs (the religious kind)

There’s nothing I like better than taking the pseudoscientific claims of a religious cleric and proving them to be wholly divorced from reality. I have a bad feeling about this particular effort, though. This one’s going to backfire, it’s only a question of how severely. Don’t get me wrong. I like breasts (being a heteronormative …

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Apr 24 2010

You must construct additional pylons

About damn time. Looks great, too!

Apr 23 2010

More random Formspring questions

Some more random Formspring questions I’ve gotten and answered. Please do ask me anything, either by contacting me directly or via the anonymous box on the left. Especially philosophical questions, I love those. Oh, and questions about controversial topics. I’ll give you a straight answer for just about anything, too. And if you earnestly want …

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Apr 22 2010

Depictions of Muhammad: apparently not that bad?

alt text

Matt Stone and Trey Parker know full well that, if they are killed by members of the Religion of Peace, they will be martyrs, and it’s grossly unlikely that anyone would want to give them that kind of historical distinction. But I have to say, the worst part of this whole recent situation is that …

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