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Mar 23 2010

TED Talks: Sam Harris on Science and Morality

To sum up: Science CAN TOO tell us stuff about morality. And why shouldn’t it?

Mar 23 2010

The Panama Wormhole

So that black hole that the Futurama crew dove into at the end of the last movie… that was the end of the series, right? Oh hells no! Of course it’ll take a while before each episode makes its way up to the Great White North from Comedy Central, but hey. Stupid geolocked video sites.

Mar 22 2010

Congratulations on health care reform!

It’s obviously the talk of the world, so I might as well weigh in. Congratulations on passing a modicum of health care reform and taking care of about half of your uninsured! It’s definitely a step in the right direction, and one of the first I’ve seen your nation make pretty well since I’ve become …

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Mar 21 2010

Viacom uploaded clips to Youtube then sued Youtube for hosting them!

Seriously, it’s like tonight’s internet surfing session is somehow intentionally trying to make my blood boil. You know that whole Viacom vs Youtube debacle, where Viacom’s been suing Youtube repeatedly for posters violating their copyrights? Well, it turns out that the whole while, employees within Viacom have been posting videos themselves in order to benefit …

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Mar 21 2010

Canadian climate scientists “being muzzled”

Oh for fuck’s sake, I’ve had just about enough of Little Bush in office in Canada. The news apparently broke a few days ago that Canadian climate scientists are being silenced by the government. A dramatic reduction in Canadian media coverage of climate change science issues is the result of the Harper government introducing new …

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Mar 19 2010

A touching tribute

Mike Haubrich’s father died recently, after a long struggle at the end. He chose to go with dignity. Mike has written a post at Quiche Moraine in his memory. I hope when my time comes, someone eulogizes me as beautifully. We, all of us, are materially connected to the planet on which we live. We …

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Mar 18 2010

AronRa on Atheist Experience: Conflict between Science and Religion?

AronRa and Matt Dillahunty play exceptionally well off one another, especially where both are extraordinarily well-spoken about their beliefs. This is a brilliant clip. I can’t say I 100% agree that there is “not necessarily” conflict between science and religion, for the simple reason that this very conflict amounts to a game of chicken, and …

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Mar 17 2010

Turnabout is fair play

Bill Nye (yes, The Science Guy!) was on Rachel Maddow last month to rebut the anti-AGW right-wing propagandists, and he does something otherwise unfathomable — he turns a popular tactic of these same right-wing AGW deniers against them, and calls their anti-science, anti-reality denialism “unpatriotic”. Yes, this is hyperbole. Hyperbole on the same scale of …

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Mar 16 2010

Gwibber Ascendant

I love Twitter entirely too much. You get tiny snippets of insight into other people’s minds. You get a great big meme factory where new hashtags are born and die every minute. And you get instant or delayed communication with anyone else on the service, depending on your intent — sometimes you can talk to …

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Mar 15 2010

Paying For Free

Ever notice that dissent on blogs often takes on a certain character that’s well outside the scope of civil discussion? Stephanie Zvan did, and she does what she does best — asks you pointed questions about it until you “get it”. How other bloggers cope sometimes is beyond me, though. The onslaught of commenters telling …

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