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Mar 31 2010

Morality is a function of your brain

Scientists have published a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in which they use a high-powered magnetic field to suppress brain activity in the right temporoparietal junction in their participants, using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation, and discovered the participants exhibited impaired moral judgement abilities. The study involved reading a story …

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Mar 30 2010

Orbital pollution

Via io9, check out this disturbing video of Earth’s nearest space neighbors. Yes, I realize each article of space garbage is many orders of magnitude smaller than the pixels used to represent it in the video, but we sure are good at cluttering up our aerospace. Consider the near-misses and close calls that the ISS …

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Mar 29 2010

Greek Gods

Was browsing Youtube and came across a grossly undersubscribed channel: Discovering Religion. It’s an attempt at exploring the evidence about reality and comparing with the Christian mythos, showing how creationists that take the Bible as literal are plainly wrong. You really should check it out. However, I wanted to change things up for this blog …

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Mar 28 2010

Jon Stewart’s spot-on imitation of Glenn Beck

Again, with a Countdown framing segment, so everyone can see it whether in the States or Canada. Now you know what you’re looking for, Mike! That’s right, going all crazy conspiracy theorist = RATINGS.

Mar 27 2010

Off That by Baba Brinkman

The so-called Rationalist’s Anthem. I could get behind it. It’s a Jay-Z rap rip-off, but like the song says, it’s evolution, right? Hat tip to Atheist Media Blog and, of course, Baba Brinkman. He also has a rap album about evolution that you can stream from his site, though I can’t get the blasted thing …

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Mar 26 2010

A real-life supervillain-style plan

… for either immortality, or the demise of the human race. Well, almost. Sure as hell sounds insane enough to be one, anyway. A Canadian poet by the name of Christian Bök has decided to write a poem, create a cypher to encode it in nucleotide triplets, then insert it into bacteria’s DNA. Not only …

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Mar 26 2010

Christopher Walken performs Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

Ladies and gentlemen, thus ends the internet, because this video just won it all. Top prize. Nothing else could ever compare. Might as well pack up and go home. SO MUCH WIN.

Mar 25 2010

Sam Harris v Rabbi David Wolpe

I’ve been listening to this debate through the morning while working remotely, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and thought this was probably one of the best examples of someone clearly and concisely arguing the merits of their religion — a rarity in most debates where you get rhetoricians like William Lane …

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Mar 25 2010

Honesty and emotions and pain and joy

I have some very honest friends, it seems. Both Jenny Wadley and Tim Iwan have written some evidently very difficult-to-write posts very recently. I’m still chewing on whether I can contribute anything to this dialog on honesty and emotions, but in the meantime, you’d do well to read their posts yourself. From Jenny’s Truth Hurts: …

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Mar 24 2010

Don’t kneel before Zod

This generator is epic.

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