A song about a serious problem

Now, please don’t make fun. It happens to a lot of guys. Not me, mind you.

Hmm. Actually, that’s a good point. Because it doesn’t happen to me, I’m free, according to social convention, to make fun of them too. Therefore: Ahahahaha! Losers!

Hat tip to @AtheistDoug for tweeting this yesterday.


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    All the songs by Lonely Island are spot on parodies. The only thing I don’t like about this song is that it gets stuck in my head and I have to repress myself from singing along on the streetcar.

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    Ok, that was fucking brilliant…Much better than the “show me your genitals” song.

    Yes Glendon, I can totally see that being a bit of a problem. Nothing says fun quite like singing something wholly inappropriate and/or embarrassing on public trans…

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