Monthly Archive: December 2009

Dec 31 2009

Protesters fighting with police in Iran

My heart sings over the revolution against an oppressive theocratic regime, but at the same time I weep for those whose blood has been spilled. And make no mistake, this is a full-out revolution now. Pro tip to would-be theocrats and fascist dictators — shooting protesters is no way to quell dissent. You might as …

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Dec 30 2009

Bertrand Russell, on God – CBC 1959

Hat tip to… uh, whoever tweeted this a few hours ago. (Sorry!)

Dec 29 2009

Seriously busy holiday season

I know you’re all just dying to hear about all the crazy adventures Jodi and I have gotten ourselves into over the past few weeks. I don’t know that I can recall all of our wacky exploits, but I’ll take a stab at it. My vacation was, unfortunately, a working vacation, but I had every …

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Dec 28 2009

Ginger’s Great Tribble Hunt

I got Jodi a tribble from Think Geek for Christmas this year (@CyberLizard got @JSWadley one too!), and it appears Ginger’s jealous of the new family member. She went on a Great Tribble Hunt tonight. They still sing songs of it. Unfortunately we had to use my Blackberry to take this video, but it’s cute …

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Dec 28 2009

Memo from God: do not make fun of baldies

‘Cause you DO NOT want to get curb-stomped by a bear sent by the Lord. (The soundtrack for this video is AWESOME.)

Dec 27 2009

RCimT: Busy Sunday

It’s Sunday, and almost the end of my vacation. We’ve been going at 150km/h all day, doing all sorts of work on outstanding projects. I’ve got a few posts planned for the next few days, and I’m hoping to be able to write them up tonight, scheduled for the next few days, so I can …

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Dec 26 2009

Some more Formspring questions for fun.

Here’s a few more Formspring questions. Go ahead, ask me anything. Box is to the left.

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Dec 25 2009

The History of Christmas

httpvp://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=852CB55CA84EBD1B From The History Channel, and hat tip to Debunking Christianity. A heartfelt happy birthday to Jesus, Mithra, Horus, Attis, Osiris, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Heracles, Dionysus, Adonis, Hermes, Bacchus, and Prometheus. Especial happy birthday to those that were virgin births… being the vast majority of the listed.

Dec 24 2009

“You secretly believe in Voltron!”

Here’s easily the best knock-down counter-argument I’ve seen yet, to the ridiculous gambit of “you wouldn’t be an atheist if you didn’t secretly believe in God”. To make things perfectly clear — we believe that there is a concept of God, and that people with sway on public policy are trying to put into effect …

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Dec 23 2009

New libel defense allowed for bloggers in Canada

Journalists and bloggers have a new recourse if sued for libel — they can now use the defense of “responsible communication”, if the journalist made an attempt to contact the party in question and the item on which they’re reporting is a matter of public interest. This is great news for people like myself, who …

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