Rockin’ Christmas lights

YEAH! Aced it! Tell me you didn’t cheer at the end. I did!

Hat tip to Cnet, where they have the whole story.


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    I know… me too. I can’t even begin to imagine the number of relays and amount of computer control that would be necessary for the light show to work. And the amount of fiddling it would take to get it all to work.

    The more I watch this, the more I figure the light show is independent from the Wii and just timed to sync up to a “perfect play”, then for the video the kid was just playing the light display which is a duplicate of the notes on the real display. Now, if you could fail to hit a note, and the light show acted appropriately, that would be BEYOND epic.

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    Holy hell. It IS programmed to branch based on flubs. This Youtube video had a perfect game, yes, but apparently nobody has gotten perfect because the timing is weird on the light display and doesn’t match up with the game perfectly. It could be this was a demo-mode perfect game that was recorded previously and the kid was just faking it for the showmanship.

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