Sen. Buttars doesn’t want gays “stuffing it down my throat all the time”

I couldn’t make this shit up. In the process of attacking gay marriage, he gives the “you should just stay in the closet” attack vector a try… and rolls up an epic fail.

For background, US Senator Chris Buttars (R) of Utah is apparently famous for racism, homophobia, and boosting of creationism. He’s said of a bill on school funding, “[t]his baby is black, I’ll tell you. This is a dark, ugly thing.” This not long after Mitt Romney got raked across the coals for using the term “tar baby“.

The guy’s a grade-A asshat, in other words.


  1. says

    I know that the United States federal government owns a lot of land in the north central and northwest of the country which isn’t really being used for much. COuldn’t we set up “reservations” for the Evangelicals and Fundamentalists? They could be certain that they won’t be around anyone who thinks or acts differently than they do. They won”t have to listen to any scientists. They can use their church rules ot govern their sovereign community. Wouldn’t they just love that?

    After about four generations (after some attrition due to some people escaping the horror that is Christian Theocracy), they should be pretty much wiped out from standard childhood diseases, basic bacterial infections, crazed mass murders, etc. We can then rescue those who desire our help.

    Just thinkin’

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