Happy Birthday Stephanie!

I capitalized the B just for you.

Stephanie Zvan of Almost Diamonds (AKA Our Lady of Perpetual Win) celebrates another lap around the sun today. She posted a new story entitled Fighting the Frost, which is sure to sap my productivity for the next hour or so while I try to read chunks of it in between doing actual work. Join me in reading it, and in wishing her a happy birthday.


  1. says

    Normally I’m a comma minimalist. I will occasionally go back over my work and insert commas willy-nilly though, so the next time you see a stray spare, assume it was merely, misplaced from this title.

  2. says

    It’s ok Jason, I use enough commas, to make up for your deficiencies… I am really, just rather fond, of excessive punctuation, in general… Personally, I think that everyone should punctuate, more often!!!

    Happy, Birthday, Stephanie!!! (there, I made up for the one missing – and some)

  3. Jodi says

    Happy birthday Stephanie!! I hope it was a good day and that you got to eat some cake because cake is the most important part.

  4. Jodi says

    It’s true, I just got home from work when I posted that. In fact I still haven’t read it yet. Mmmmm psychic cake……. nommmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. says

    The real cake is coming soon, and it will be carrot cake, not that yellow stuff. Nobody real likes that. :) The fictional cake, of course, was inspired by the occasion. Or at least the posting of it was.

  6. says

    Carrot cake rocks. Especially with cream cheese icing.

    Yellow stuff? Wait, you’re not talking about pound cake are you? Because if so, I’m going to have to declare heresy.

  7. says

    You read the story. I promise, you don’t get pound cake from a box. Of course, I’m not that fond of pound cake, either, but that’s mostly because I can taste the eggs. That’s just not what cake is supposed to taste like.

  8. says

    Right. Sorry. Our office’s monthly birthday cake is one of those gigantic store-bought pound cakes. For some reason the explicit “yellow cake” mention slipped my mind. Maybe because, yeah, nobody eats that crap.

  9. Juniper Shoemaker says

    Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I hope you truly enjoyed your day.

    (I think “psychic cake” is best reserved for Jason and Jodi’s woo-free wedding. Oh, wait . . .)

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